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Gorgeous George - Veteran KJ

My name is Gorgeous George!
As a lifelong wrestling fan, my DJ name was inspired by the wrestler from the 50s.
I first tried karaoke back in 2017 when I first met Wolfman Dan, who recruited me and taught me everything I know. The first song I sang was “Jack’s Lament” from Nightmare Before Christmas.
I love karaoke for multiple reasons!
I love the community that karaoke can lead to.
It really doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into; when you’re on stage taking your turn to sing, it is your time!
You are the rock star on stage, and it’s so common to get cheered and supported by others who are there to sing or just to listen to some good music.
I love that it’s a fun activity while you’re out with some friends. Karaoke has a place in many scenarios.
I have personally worked weddings that wanted karaoke as well as corporate parties for companies who want to show their employees a good time. Something unique about me is my energy and my announcing voice.
I don’t care who you are; if you signed up to sing and you waited your turn, I am going to hype you up!
I genuinely enjoy watching people have a good time, and if I ever come across you at one of my karaoke shows, I would love to hear you sing!


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